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August Birthday Madness!

So it's almost August, and that can mean only one thing: soon I shall be able to inebriate myself lawfully!

To celebrate this fortuitous circumstance and to ease my transition into the Age Of Alcohol, a Double Header Party Event has been scheduled on the weekend of August 9th. Some of you have already heard of one or the other of these, but if so, then you will simply have to tolerate my redundancy.

On Friday August 8, starting at 8 PM, my dear friend Eileen is celebrating her 21st [August 10, 1982 saw the both of us enter the world]. She and our mutual acquaintance Martin, the evening's host, have kindly agreed to give a huzzah or two for my birthday as well, and any of you who may be down in Providence on Friday are invited. The event is likely to be low-key but delightful, with much playing of various games (including DDR) and, realistically, somewhat minimal drinking.

But because you're just that hardcore, the intoxication doesn't end there. On Saturday, August 9, starting at 9 PM, Kris Snyder will throw wide the doors of her apartment for a rather more raucous bash! I would love the company of those of you who are in Boston, or who are willing to come up from Providence, for drinkin' and (most probably) dancin'. Or at very least loud music; and what more can one ask for than loud music and drinkin'?

So, to recap, Providence on August 9 and Boston on August 10. The addresses are below. Cheers.


The address (and Mapquest URL) for Martin's condo:

45 Hidden Street, Providence RI

Kris's apartment:

24 Dexter Avenue, Watertown MA
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