care (amethystmoon) wrote in endworldparties,

Weekend of June 14-16

If anyone's interested, here's a tentative schedule of events being planned:
Friday: watch old Metropolis at Steve's place
Saturday: anime Metropolis at the Coolidge Corner Theater (I think that's the theater)
Sunday: MIT Flea
So far, it looks like Steve, myself, Katie Feddigan-Linton, James, Pete, and Sarah Morrison will be doing most or all of these. Come to all, come to some, come to none. Suggest a different time for things. Suggest other things. Whatever.
Also, so people know, anime Metropolis is playing Friday and Saturday, so that can be rearranged if necessary, and a band called Kate and Meredith are playing at the Black Sheep in Amherst Saturday the 15th if anyone's going to be out there instead. And no, it's not the Kate or Meredith anyone here probably knows
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