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  2003.08.09  01.38

i am having a party next friday at 8. more info about it can be foundhere everyone should come.


  2003.08.05  17.38
Saturday Party Redux

In my haste to spread word, I forgot a few things in my previous party-tastic invitation. Specifically, if you're able to make the party on Sat. August 9th in Boston, please drop me an RSVP indicating how many people you're planning to bring, just so I have some idea. Also, libations of drink will be much appreciated at this event, so bring booze!

Thanks, and hope to see you there,


  2003.07.29  22.50
August Birthday Madness!

So it's almost August, and that can mean only one thing: soon I shall be able to inebriate myself lawfully!

To celebrate this fortuitous circumstance and to ease my transition into the Age Of Alcohol, a Double Header Party Event has been scheduled on the weekend of August 9th. Some of you have already heard of one or the other of these, but if so, then you will simply have to tolerate my redundancy.

On Friday August 8, starting at 8 PM, my dear friend Eileen is celebrating her 21st [August 10, 1982 saw the both of us enter the world]. She and our mutual acquaintance Martin, the evening's host, have kindly agreed to give a huzzah or two for my birthday as well, and any of you who may be down in Providence on Friday are invited. The event is likely to be low-key but delightful, with much playing of various games (including DDR) and, realistically, somewhat minimal drinking.

But because you're just that hardcore, the intoxication doesn't end there. On Saturday, August 9, starting at 9 PM, Kris Snyder will throw wide the doors of her apartment for a rather more raucous bash! I would love the company of those of you who are in Boston, or who are willing to come up from Providence, for drinkin' and (most probably) dancin'. Or at very least loud music; and what more can one ask for than loud music and drinkin'?

So, to recap, Providence on August 9 and Boston on August 10. The addresses are below. Cheers.


The address (and Mapquest URL) for Martin's condo:

45 Hidden Street, Providence RI

Kris's apartment:

24 Dexter Avenue, Watertown MA


  2003.05.20  01.01
BBQ Sunday

BBQ Sunday
Right, so, so far it seems that everybody I've asked seems to think it's a good idea, but, let me know.

I'll provide food (RSVP with meat or veggie preference so I know what ratio and amounts to get) and BYOB/whatever. If anyone wants to bring anything, they are welcome, I figured it'd be the same as in past summers--bring out the grill and chairs, start it at 1:00 or 2:00, and end it whenever the last person decides to leave. If you can read this, you are invited. Maybe I can even grab some Amherst people who may be down for Linnea's birthday party the day before.

Comment, let me know if this is a good or bad idea.

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  2003.02.13  14.54

Okay, so maybe it's a bit early, but I'de like to get my two cents in now. I'm giving in my suggestion for next years party to be a Masquerade. Perhaps even in the theme of Jareth's Masquerade from Labyrinth. Dark.
I know we're all unsure where a future party might be held, but we can at least start plans on a theme, ne?


  2002.11.19  00.37

so i'm having a birthday party. it's that swell. and as my apartment is TINY i'm having it at, where else, pinkstucco. everyone in the lj community and on the mailing list is invited, as you all make some good parties (yes, that includes eric and allie in that invite), and i will also be inviting csw people, lexington people, and 2 rocky esq people. i don't know who will beable to come, so on and so forth. and as always, donations towards alkohol consumption is requested. (katie/frommy, i want there to be smirnoff ice and mike's cranberry lemonaide. 'cause it's all good and stuff)

oh yea, when is it? it is saturday, november 30th (the day before i turn 20) which is thanksgiving weekend, at 8pm (my flight back from PA gets in at 6 that night) rsvp's would be nice, either here, or directly to my e-mail which is nchanter_x@yahoo.com, or you can call me at 617-780-9212. last year my birthday kinda sucked, and the year before that was just kinda weird, but good, but definately weird, so i want this one to be fun.

yea, i think i'm done now.


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  2002.10.29  20.42

In preparation for the upcoming Halloween party we just replenished our liquor supply (we'd been running low because of all the recent parties). Since most of you could not have donated liquor even if you wanted to, I'm requesting a $5 donation from all guests this Friday. I hate to be a pain in the ass, but it's really not fair for three people to provide quality booze and snacks for large groups with no compensation. If you disagree, I hope you enjoy spending parties vomiting because you'll only be getting piss beer and liquor in plastic bottles if we get no moo-lah.

BTW, how many of you are planning on coming?

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  2002.10.23  20.56
Halloween Party!

Just writing to remind you all that the Halloween party will be on Nov 1st (a week from this Friday) at Pink Stucco. It's starting at 8:00, but I more than understand if you commuters and people with jobs get here a bit later. If you don't come in costume, you will be executed on sight. I want to have Halloween decorations, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything beyond fake spider webs. Any ideas? Anyone want to help out?

Mood: cheerful

  2002.07.26  09.03
last minute notice

I was supposed to tell people: party in franklin tonight if you want to come. call me or owen (5085285156), everyones welcome.


  2002.07.25  09.30
Gathering for Tova

I talked to both Katie and Tova last night, and am posting on Katie's behalf to say that there will be a dinner party of sorts (which sort is as of yet to be determined) on Saturday, seeing as Tova is leaving this coast on Sunday.

Also, Tova requested that there be a trip to Rocky on Saturday night since a friend of hers and a long-time cast member is leaving that night, so they are having a special show in Theater I. I haven't gone in many months, so at least I shall be going, but anybody is invited, of course.

We don't have times or specifics yet (save getting to the Square in time for Rocky) but those shall be forthcoming.


  2002.07.16  21.42

why are we interested in secret elbows?


  2002.06.24  13.04
Party on the Fourth

So, looks like at least a good number of people don't have plans as of yet, so, I shall host a barbecue at my house (100 Langdon St.) on the 4th of July, I guess starting at 3:00, and going indefinitely. No cutting it off or anything.
Same deal as last time, I shall provide food (requests?) and any other contributions of food or whatever else will be welcomed.
Sucks that Tova will not be around then, but I shall be away that weekend, and there is a party then in Amherst.
Let me know if you're interested in coming, it will be important closer to so that I know what to buy for food.


  2002.06.21  10.00
There are midnight showings at the Coolidge Corner theater tonight and tomorrow--anyone interested?


  2002.06.16  10.17
"Let's all love lain!"

There will be a "lain" marathon at Pink Stucco next weekend. I was thinking Sat afternoon/evening. My reason for wanting to start early is because we no longer have a fold out couch, so sleeping arrangements would be poopy. What do other people think of this? I assume everyone from Metropolis is coming, and I'm going to invite Pat McNally. Bring your friends!

Mood: hungry

  2002.06.11  22.02
Weekend of June 14-16

If anyone's interested, here's a tentative schedule of events being planned:
Friday: watch old Metropolis at Steve's place
Saturday: anime Metropolis at the Coolidge Corner Theater (I think that's the theater)
Sunday: MIT Flea
So far, it looks like Steve, myself, Katie Feddigan-Linton, James, Pete, and Sarah Morrison will be doing most or all of these. Come to all, come to some, come to none. Suggest a different time for things. Suggest other things. Whatever.
Also, so people know, anime Metropolis is playing Friday and Saturday, so that can be rearranged if necessary, and a band called Kate and Meredith are playing at the Black Sheep in Amherst Saturday the 15th if anyone's going to be out there instead. And no, it's not the Kate or Meredith anyone here probably knows


  2002.05.20  00.27
Camping Trip This Summer

Feel silly posting here again today, but there has been talk over the last few months of having a camping trip this coming summer. Most people, it seems, would probably only be able to do a weekend, but not necesarilly. One idea for a place I found turned out to be far too expensive in season, so, should anyone have any ideas for places to camp this summer, in MA, NH, ME, VT, or maybe even RI, it never hurts to plan ahead.


  2002.05.19  12.01

So, June 13th, the Brattle is playing an anime called Metropolis. It's a remake of the Fritz Lang silent movie of the same name done by the same guy who did Akira. Newly subtitled, and it looks really good, anyone interested?

(not sure if anyone uses this, so I posted it in my LJ, too, but it's summer, maybe people will begin using it)


  2002.02.19  10.35

I know that I don't hang out with all of you very regularly, but since you all seem to be very goal-oriented when it comes to thematic parties, I wanted to mention that Kris and I first started planning a tarts and vicars party when we first saw Bridget Jones' Diary. That should happen some day.



  2002.02.01  14.59

i had the cutest idea last night for this weekend: would people be interested in holding a candy party and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
I haven't seen this movie since I was little, and it was so horrifying then. I don't think it will scare me now but it'd be cool to have a little screening. There'd be everyones favorite candies and yeah it'd be fun.
Maybe thats geeky, let me know what you think....

Mood: thoughtful

  2002.01.23  16.31
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Visit the Pink Stucco Press web site for details.

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  2002.01.22  21.21

Hey, everyone join the pinkstucco community!


  2002.01.04  14.52
yay for parties!

we could try to do another party, but something small like movie party or a pot-luck or something before everybody has to go back to school. What do people think? Not like some major bender, like New Years.

Mood: jubilant

  2002.01.04  11.31
I feel...special...

I figured this out too. It is sooo cool.

Well, for starters, that was a seriously kick ass party. I want more in the future. We must have more. Any ideas as to when people would love to have more parties?

Mood: good

  2002.01.04  00.24
haha i get to post first :-P

ok so i finally figured out how to work the livejournal console and now everyone can actually post here. stupid closed communites being all complicated and stuff.

well start posting!